Lip Pencil


Retractable Lip Pencil


A double-ended pencil that lines and fills in lips to enhance their natural shape while extending the wear of all lip colour.

The mineral-based Retractable Lip Pencil from Deca Professional Cosmetics has a retractable colour tip on one end, and a synthetic hair brush on the other to blend lines for a subtle look. Our waterproof lip pencil prevents Mineral Lipstick and Mineral Lip Shine from bleeding, feathering or collecting in the corners of your mouth. Colour is consistent and stays put for hours to give you long-lasting luscious lips.

Pencils come in 10 lip-defining shades that complement our selection of Mineral Lipsticks and Mineral Lip Shines.


How to use:

  1. Twist the pencil to dispense colour.
  2. Using short, light strokes apply colour along your natural lip line, starting at the centre of the upper lip and working towards the corner of each side of the mouth.
  3. Repeat on bottom lip line.
  4. Blend the colour with the lip brush for a more subtle look.
  5. Apply Vitamin E Stick to protect and prime lips.
  6. To complete the look, apply Mineral Lipstick and/or Mineral Lip Shine.


The Deca Difference

Key ingredients in Lip Pencil

  • Beeswax : acts as a natural emollient
  • Petrolatum : a natural emollient with non-irritant moisturizing properties

Frequently Asked Question

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How do I find the right shade for my lips?

Look for a shade of lip liner that is slightly darker than the colour of your lipstick.

How do I create fuller lips?

Using short, light strokes apply pencil colour just above your natural lip line on both the upper and lower lips. Blend with the lip brush. Fill in lips with a deca Lipstick shade.