Cream Concealer +
Eyeshadow Base


This lightweight and long-wearing cream concealer visibly reduces imperfections, and increases the staying power and vibrancy of eyeshadows when used as an eyeshadow base.

The Cream Concealer & Eyeshadow Base from Deca Professional Cosmetics is a mineral-based, fragrance-free spot corrector. Conceal dark under-eye circles and minor blemishes, highlight the area under your brows and provide a smooth base on eyelids prior to eyeshadow application with a mineral-based concealer that won’t slip, slide or melt away.

Available in four shades, the Cream Concealer & Eyeshadow Base seamlessly blends into skin to provide coverage that’s buildable and natural.


How to use:
As a concealer: 
1) For dark shadows: Apply a small amount of product to dark areas under the eye with applicator brush. Using your finger tip, lightly blend the concealer, never pulling or dragging the skin. Apply Oil-Free Liquid Foundation or Oil-Free Wet/Dry Dual Foundation.

2) For blemishes: Apply a small amount of product directly onto your finger tip. Dab concealer
directly onto blemish area and lightly blend.

As an eyeshadow base: 
Apply a small amount of product onto eyelids with applicator brush after applying Oil-Free Liquid Foundation or Oil-Free Wet/Dry Dual Foundation. Smooth onto eyelids with fingertips without pulling or dragging skin. Once dry, apply your favourite shades of Mineral Eyeshadow.

The Deca Difference

Key ingredients in Concealer

  • Beeswax : acts as a natural emollient and emulsifier
  • Petrolatum : a natural emollient with non-irritant moisturizing properties
  • Titanium Dioxide : provides natural UV ray protection
  • Zinc Stearate : improves “slip” properties for smooth application

Frequently Asked Question

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How do I choose the right shade of Cream Concealer & Eyeshadow Base?

To lighten dark shadows under eyes, choose a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. To cover up blemishes, choose a shade very close to your natural skin tone.

Should Cream Concealer & Eyeshadow Base be applied before or after the Oil-Free Liquid Foundation?

If you have dry skin or dark under-eye circles, apply Cream Concealer & Eyeshadow Base prior to applying the Oil-Free Liquid Foundation. If you have oily skin, apply the Oil-Free Liquid Foundation first, then Cream Concealer & Eyeshadow Base.

What is the recommended amount of Cream Concealer & Eyeshadow Base?

Apply Cream Concealer in dots on desired areas with the applicator brush and lightly blend with fingertips. A bit of this product goes a long way.